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  SMTi Full Service Tool for Sagem SMT - 10 credits 
smt, smti
Price: 124.69 USD
SMTi Full Service Tool for Sagem ( Calypso, Calypso+, Calypso+HS, Locosto, E-Gold ) SMT - 10 credits SMTi new product of SagMaster Team as first on the world give you possibility full service Sagem phones based on Calypso / Calypso + / Calypso + HS / LoCosto / E-Gold. It's the only Box which supports fast USB connetion which is needed for language change and repairs. Also it's the only equipment which is able to fully repair phones which don't even power ON - repair boot, eeprom, firmware in...
  SMTi logs 
SMTi logs
Price: 23.44 USD
STMi 25 credits allows to update your current account in SMTi device to flash/customize and repair new Sagem models as 10xx, 20xx, 400z, 401z, 501c, 501x, c2-3, c2-3m, c3-2, c4-2, c5-2v, c5-3, V-55, V-56, x-1t, x-1wt, x1-2, x2-2, x2-2m, x-4, Z-5, Z-55, VS-1, VS-3. We sell packets of 25 credits, more on demand for better price.

Credits needed to work with phones

'' Calypso '' works via TP
- Unlock free
- Flash HT 22 00 00 - Free
- Flash of HT other...

  Sagem SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 clone 
Sagem SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 clone
Price: 38.13 USD
SCDR II Unlocker-Flasher Dongle v18 clone is a unique hardware key with cables which allows you to unlock phone, remove phone code (phone version does not matter) in phones like Sagem MY-x100, VS3, VS2, VS1, X8, X4, C5-2, X5-5, v55, S341i, WONU S1, WC 3b, V55, X5-2, X5-5, Z3, SG 332, SG 341, SG 321, C-5w, C-4, C2-2, C2-3, C2, C5-2v, X1, X2, X3, X-3d, X3-2, X5, X-5m, X-6, X-7, V-65, V-75, WONU S-368 (CHINA), Z-5.
Whole operation is very easy - just open program, select phone model and...

  Sagmaster Sagem Clone 
sagmaster, flash, sagem, language, change, myx
Price: 71.56 USD
Sagem Sagmaster - Sagem Mobile Phone Flasher is the first Sagem Flasher in the world which is able to change firmware (flash phone), change language, repair software problems, repair IMEI and of course unlock phones. It is very easy in use - you have to choose model (you may use Detect model also) and choose operation you want to perform (if you want to flash you must choose also flash file in buffer window) - then press DO Jobs and after few minutes you will have phone flashed and repaired....
  Sagem Infineon Flasher clone 
Sagem Infineon Flasher clone
Price: 62.19 USD
Sagem ARM7 + PMB2800E + PMB6850 is software 3in1. You can make full flash, repair software, change/repair IMEI, change language packs, program clear boards on models My 302x, MW302x (with out Load-A-Game) MC9xx i MW9xx. You can repair SIMLOCK whith out problems, You don't need open the phone or using Test Points. All unlock/flash/repair process You are making by easy com cable.

- direct unlock (no need Test Point)
- read all codes
- Read flash

  Sagem Code Reader v14.0 clone 
Sagem Code Reader v14.0 clone
Price: 62.19 USD
Sagem Code Reader v14 is the first software in the WORLD which is able to read simlock code from ALL Sagem phones (no matter SW version in the phone) in just 3 seconds. Supported models are My-X5, My-X5m, My-X3, Mw-3026 Load-A-Game, MY - 3036, V-75, My-X6, MY-X1, My-X2, My-X2G, MYX-3-2, My-C2 and others

Supported phones:
- Now added option to reset INCORRECT CODE COUNTER
- My-X6 ALL...

  PCB JTAG adapters / connectors for Sagem Code Reader - 27 pcs 
PCB JTAG adapters / connectors for Sagem Code Reader - 27 pcs
Price: 140.31 USD
Now you do not have to solder test point wires any more. Using our simple PCB connectors working with Sagem Code Reader you can save time and avoid risk of damaging phone's mainboard by soldering wires - now you do not have to use soldering iron. Connection is very easy - just open phone's cover and connect device with phone's PCB. Then plug it into Sagem Code Reader. Special design ensures good connectivity with test points and stable work.
JTAG adapters can be used with boxes: SCDR,...

  Sagem MY-C2 cable for Sagem Code Reader 
my-c2, c2, myc2
Price: 12.19 USD
It is special Sagem MY-C2 cable to use with Sagem Code Reader only.
  Sagem Unlocker 2.3 
sagem, unlocker. simlock
Price: 30.94 USD
Sagem Unlocker v2.3 is a special software designed to work with LPT hardware dongle key which can unlock over 95% of existing Sagem phones in just 5 seconds. To use it you need simple Sagem 9xx cable - all you need to do is to connect a phone and press READ COdes. Then on screen you will see unlock code.

- remove simlock by reading unlock code that you enter directly from keypad of phone
- read phone code