How to unlock Alcatel BE4 (BE-4) v139 simlocked to certain network

Unlocking of Alcatel BE4 is not so complicated. To check if your Alcatel is locked you will see
Sim lock key
Enter network key !
on display. It means phone is locked. Unfortunately there is not any universal code, so we must use cable.
You do not need special knowledge or experience. In few words we will explain how to remove simlock in this phone.

We will need:
-Alcatel for Orbitel software
-Universal Box 4.0 and Alcatel DB series cable

Make sure battery is full. Remove sim card from phone and connect Alcatel DB cable as shown on the photo.

Then open program and select correct COM port. You have to also choose BE-4 model.

Phone must be OFF. In program press UNLOCK button and do not press any button in your phone !

After operation is done you should see:

Program shows type of flash IC in phone - in this phone it is FUJITSU with 2MB memory and firmware version is 139.
If program cannot communicate with phone please disconnect cable, remove battery and insert again. Then press UNLOCK button again. Repeat until phone is unlocked and ready to use with other provider's sim card.